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perfect imperfection

Tom Carleno
Perfect Imperfection

Genre: New Age-Instrumental
Label: Independent

Tom Carleno is an award winning composer with over five albums to his credit. He has been involved in the music industry for over twenty five years. Now after working with his partner and wife, Josie Quick, Carleno has released his first solo album, Perfect Imperfection. When asked about his reasoning, he cited Josie’s philosophy that everyone is imperfect and that is the perfection of it all. I could not agree more.

This album begins with “In Search Of,” a wandering song that circles around with some intricate acoustic guitar riffs and melodies, inspiring the listener to deeper investigation of Carleno’s talent as a musician.

“Meet Me in Maui” is a tribute to Carleno’s mother. Thirteen years after her passing, he and Josie stood on the beach and he could feel her presence. The mellow acoustic waves of sound remind me of the ocean lapping peacefully on white sandy beaches. Everything feels more a part of the larger picture of the universe when you stare out into the vast expanses of the sea and realize you are but a speck of dust in a larger plan. You can find meaning from life’s experiences whether they are painful or beautiful. Sometimes they can be both.

“Rhapsody in Blood” is Carleno’s tribute to the horror movie genre. Starting with scratchy acoustic strains that sound remarkably like a violin, howling wolves, acoustic guitar and the creaking of rusty hinges, the track evolves into an audible journey of sorts. The piece centers on the scary films of the nineteen thirties and forties. Using a mix of sound effects and musical environs, Carleno crafts a tale of terror in his own way, complete with screams that almost knocked me off my chair. Giggling, I got back up and played the song again. There is a blend of artful acoustic picking that lulls you into a tranquil setting, and then slams you into a wall with an artfully placed scream or two. Bela Lugosi would be proud indeed.

“What a Difference a Day Makes” is the last song on the album. Melodious guitar picking melts over me as this song gets started, much like the fresh feeling you get after a good night’s sleep. Fresh morning dew, crisp morning air and a deep sigh of a well-rested soul all reflect in this pleasant and highly reflective piece. I enjoyed this song the most. Sometimes you just need that soothing balm on the psyche to have a fresh perspective.

Tom Carleno’s Perfect Imperfection is an exercise in the humanity that makes us a work in progress. Perfect in our individuality, nuances and idiosyncrasies, this album was constructed a little at a time over several years. It is a testament to an artist’s growth and vision and along with his partner and wife Josie Quick (spoons on Child’s Play); Carleno takes us on a journey through grief, acceptance, horror movies, soul searches and even a cover for “Imagine.” This was a relaxing album, save for the screaming in “Rhapsody in Blood” and I enjoyed it immensely.

Key Tracks- In Search Of, Rhapsody in Blood, Meet Me in Maui, What a Difference a Day Makes


1. In Search Of
2. Meet Me In Maui
3. On the Border
4. Welcome to the Milky Way
5. Working Up An Appetite
6. Timberline Tree
7. Child’s Play
8. Rhapsody In Blood
9. Imagine
10. Brief Encounter
11. What A Difference A Day Makes

Dana Sr. Staff

October 8, 2013