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Raj Manoharan - "Denver, Colorado-based guitar player and instructor Tom Carleno ventures out on his first solo recording, and it's quite the auspicious debut."
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Laura Bruno Lilly - "While Tom has been performing, writing, recording and evolving with his group Perpetual Motion for years, Perfect Imperfection is his first solo recording.  Several years in the making, the name is taken from his wife and band partner Josie’s view of life: Nothing is perfect, that is what makes life so perfect.  Evidently, this wifely philosophy was the kick in the pants Tom needed to actually record a solo album."
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Sergey Oreshkin at Ascentor (translated from Russian) - "The first thing to catch the eye is the visual similarity between the covers of “Perfect Imperfection” and Ciro Hurtado’s recent release “Los Angeles Blues.” "
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Steve Shepard of One World Music - "I cannot express how nice it was to review a guitar based album, as one who strums the sttrings o power myself it was good to get to grips with Perfect Imperfection from Tom Carleno."
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Listen to Tom's interview on "The Album Show" with
One World Music's Steve Sheppard.

Dick Metcalf at rotcodzzaj.com - "Solo guitar isn’t always at the forefront of my playlists, but Tom’s CD has stayed up near the top..."
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Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter - "While this is acoustic guitarist Tom Carleno's solo debut, the man has been lighting up the skies with his adroit fingerstyle playing for over 25 years, appearing and recording (5 albums) with his acoustic jazz ensemble Perpetual Motion in his home state of Colorado."
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Kathy Parsons, mainlypiano.com - "Perfect Imperfection is the debut solo album by guitarist/composer Tom Carleno, but this is hardly the beginning of his music career. Carleno has been performing with his acoustic jazz ensemble, Perpetual Motion, for more than... "
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Dana Wright - Muzikreviews.com - "Tom Carleno is an award winning composer with over five albums to his credit. He has been involved in the music industry for over twenty five years. Now after working with his partner and wife, Josie Quick, Carleno has released his first solo album, Perfect Imperfection. When asked about his reasoning, he cited..."
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MICHAEL DIAMOND, Musicandmedia.com - "It is our very search for perfection outside ourselves that causes our suffering.” ~ The BuddhaThese words of wisdom are part of the reason behind the title of Tom Carleno’s brand new solo album, Perfect Imperfection ..."
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